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SugarCRM Named a Leader in Four Categories in the 2021

Best CRM for Midsize and Small Businesses: SugarCRM has deep roots in addressing the unique needs of mid-market companies that often require enterprise-level CRM performance without enterprise budget for advanced features and capabilities. In CRM’s editorial, industry analyst Kate Leggett says SugarCRM “is built on a unified platform that empowers teams big and small to collaborate across the customer life cycle with a full understanding of the journey and the ability to anticipate… Read More »SugarCRM Named a Leader in Four Categories in the 2021

Real Estate CRM Automation Software

Most Trusted CRM Automation Software Implement CRM to Increase Employee Productivity, Grow Sales Deals, Automate Operations. Communication, Automation, Drip Campaigns, Tracking, Project management, Sales CRM. Tailor-made for real estate needs In the modern real estate world, everyone wants to accelerate sales and improve lead conversion. ITAAKASH  Strategic ERP has launched a brand new CRM software – ‘Real Estate CRM V 21.2’ for Real Estate SME’s to do exactly that. This is a… Read More »Real Estate CRM Automation Software

Salesforce Sales Cloud- New feature

Salesforce gave Sales Cloud users an early preview of CRM features planned for release throughout 2022, including new details on Slack integrations, revenue intelligence subscription management and sales enablement. Many sales teams still work remotely; prior to the pandemic, sales was typically a team sport played in close office quarters. The key features: help both sales reps and their managers stay connected across disparate locations, taken together, Combining Slack and Salesforce Sales… Read More »Salesforce Sales Cloud- New feature


Starting your own business is not difficult, especially when this digital world is full of opportunities. However, to flourish and thrive in a business, you need to have consistent communication and relationship with your clients. In this era of super complex business scenarios, you cannot do that manually without the help of a good CRM platform. A customer relationship management system helps your team to get the data exactly when… Read More »HOW SUGAR CRM HELP TO GROW YOUR SALES?

SuiteCRM – Best Invoice Solutions for Your Business

Almost 88 percent of organizations do not have numerous methods for keeping your invoices. When you are a Customer Relationship Management Application user, you don’t really have the   options of creating an invoice. And when you do, you have to go on with fixed templates. SuiteCRM gives its customers the other best advantage along with its vast range of features. The Invoice Module If you are good with SuiteCRM, you… Read More »SuiteCRM – Best Invoice Solutions for Your Business