March 6, 2018


SuiteCRM is free and open source alternative to the Salesforce CRM and other proprietary CRM software. It has been awarded for the world’s best open-source CRM software. SuiteCRM is a software fork of SugarCRM (Community Edition). It is fully functional and totally web-based application. It is great for customization and highly flexible due to open source. SuiteCRM is an extended version of SugarCRM with many additional security fixes and modules that are not available in SugarCRM.
We are expert in developing custom SuiteCRM web solutions for the businesses in need of affordable yet feature-rich CRM solutions.
Our team of experts not only design and develop the SuiteCRM applications but also we takes care of training to the client for maximum utilization of the CRM application.

SuiteCRM Services:

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We have described top 6 benefits of Sugar, Why you should choose it for your business:

  1. Strengthen relationship:

    Maintaining relationship with the clients and the customers is the most important part of doing a business. A SuiteCRM software system helps to maintain that relationship properly by sending emails or messages that should be sent at regular intervals.

  2. Generate leads:

    It helps to generate higher quality leads for your business that can convert into potential customers.

  3. Marketing Campaign:

    Email marketing for valuable prospects and customers with relevant offers. You can track campaigns across multiple channels. Reports can be generated to analyze the effectiveness of marketing activities.

  4. Notification:

    You can get a notification or reminder for important happenings, including meeting with the prospect, follow-up etc.

  5. 360-degree view:

    It gives a 360-degree view of all your customer information on single page and in one go. This saves time to unnecessary tapping on different menus.

  6. Centralized repository:

    It stored all the potential and valuable clients information. Which is available and secure 24*7. and can be accessed easily from anywhere at anytime.