February 20, 2018

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Salesforce is the global leader and most popular cloud platform providers in the world. It gives great flexibility to customize the CRM according to your business. we have implemented salesforce for diverse business domains. Learn more about Salesforce products.


SugarCRM is an Opensource alternative to Salesforce. It is world’s largest open source CRM software. It is best suited for smaller to mid-level enterprises. The main benefits of sugar are, It is economical than Salesforce with almost similar functionalities.


SuiteCRM is a software fork of SugarCRM (Community Edition). It is an opensource and free alternative to paid editions of SugarCRM products. It is fully functional and totally web-based.

        CRM Services:

CRM services



A website is the face of any organization. A good online presence of any business has a far wider reach than any other form of advertising. We work on cutting-edge Laravel PHP framework to develop Bespoke/Custom web-based application, E-Commerce Web solutions, and  CMS based websites.

We work on following technologies for web application development.

PHP: Open Source, Extremely easy(less code), Secured, Platform independent and fast to implement. Almost 80% of websites are developed in PHP because of performance, security, easy deployment and ease of development.

MySql/PostgreSQL: Most used database in website development.

Laravel: It’s an open-source PHP web framework. It is one of the most popular PHP frameworks. Its elegant and simple syntax pattern, database migration and secure authentication mechanism make development secure and fast.

ANGULAR: Open Source, Highly interactive, Less code to write and used for dynamic web apps. Its data binding and dependency injection feature eliminate the pressure of writing unnecessary codes. It is an ideal partner for any server technology.

Mobile Application

Android, iOS and Native: Angular along with NativeScript, one can utilize their existing skills and reuse the existing code from the web to develop mobile applications. Hence, this means no need to develop mobile apps separately for various platforms. All this can be developed with a single platform with the knowledge of a single framework that is, Angular. Native reduces the effort to write code for both platform iOS and Android. In short, developing a mobile app using NativeScript will save your time and cost for coding more than two times.

Digital Marketing

We provide all Digital Marketing service to corporates to become the leader in search results and brand image building.