March 6, 2018


SugarCRM is one of the world’s largest Customer Relationship Management system, built on an open-source platform. Used to manage and monitor customer information. One of the unique benefits of SugarCRM application is, it’s fundamentally an open source application, meaning that the source code of the application is available to any user, developer or end user of the product, which enables customer to customize and build the product with ease that’s why SugarCRM is one of the most used open source CRM systems. It is suitable for any size or type of organization.

SugarCRM Services:

SugarCRM Consulting, SugarCRM development & Customisation, SugarCRM integration, SugarCRM Plug-in development, SugarCRM support & maintenance

We have described the top 8 benefits of Sugar, Why you should choose it for your business:

  1. Customizable:

    SugarCRM applications are highly Customizable CRM, it lets you change or modify the source code to meet whatever needs you have.

  2. Easy to manage:

    It is easy to manage and can be installed at multiple locations and devices without paying additional licensing fees. There’s no need to track or monitor for license compliance.

  3. Close deals faster:

    The sales team can easily update information about leads received, marketing campaign, meeting, target, opportunity etc into the system. It will provide you with a complete picture of your sales situation.

  4. Flexible:

    Can be easily integrated with a wide variety of 3rd party applications.

  5. Platform Independent:

    SugarCRM applications are independent of platform and can be accessed through desktop, mobile, and tabs too. So that you will never miss out on a potential sale. The prospect’s information can be seamlessly entered on the mobile devices and a salesperson can call within minutes.

  6. Social Networking:

    With SugarCRM applications, it’s very easy to track activities on various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn through the Activity Streams dashlets. It also lets you sync contacts, tasks, and calendars from Gmail, Outlook, and any other IMAP mail servers.

  7. SugarCRM for Sales:

    SugarCRM sales module offers various features for sellers. like sales process automation, sales forecasting, sales reporting tools and a powerful sales intelligence module called ‘Hint‘.

  8. SugarCRM for Marketing:

    SugarCRM marketing automates all your marketing tasks. It helps you run various marketing campaigns across multiple channels, Provides proper lead management and gives you customer’s hidden insights for a better understanding of their behavior.