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All India Travel


All India Travel

All India Travel is a creative Web app for the management of a travel company with the facility of online booking of listed tours. All the tours are categorized beautifully.

All India travel is all types of tours and travel management company. They wanted a full-fledged website for the proper management of their business.
Challenges they had:

  • They were facing difficulty to track their increasing number of offline bookings efficiently.
  • Lack of proper communication with clients and tourists. hard to convey all the facilities and services they offer on each tour.
  • They wanted to cut their workload and to reach a large number of customers and be available 24*7.

Benefits they got after implementing their business online:

  • They got a beautiful online presence of their business that leads them to reach a mass number of customers that was difficult when they were not having the website.
  • With the hassle free online booking facility, they are now able to track a large number of bookings and can be able to easily manage the database.
  • The workload of their business has been reduced to a greater extent hence they are now able to focus more on the creative ideas and extension of their business.
  • The communication between travel company and tourist have become more transparent due to the proper listing of all the trips on the website in detail of services and terms & conditions related to the trips.