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Support and Maintenance

Support and Maintenance is something, you must need post development to run your software efficiently and without interruption. Support and maintenance are not always easy to maintain so there are some situations when you need to outsource software maintenance services to free up your resources for more important tasks.

Scideas Solutions help you with their dedicated skilled teams who solely concentrate on support and maintenance activities. Our Software and maintenance services include long-term Web Application Support and CRM support.

We provide the following support and maintenance services:

#1. Upgrades: Software version upgrade or functionality upgrade.

#2. Migration: Application migration, Database migration, Server migration and OS migration.

#3. Support: Post-production support.

#4. Maintenance: CRM maintenance, Website maintenance, Software application maintenance and long-term application maintenance.

#5. Other Support services include Software re-engineering, Configuration management, Defects/Bug fixes and Change management.