April 23, 2018

App Cloud

The App cloud is an extension of the Salesforce1 platform, designed specifically for enterprises. It termed as Platform-as-a-Service(PaaS). It is solely managed in a secure,cloud-based infrastructure. App cloud provides a common development platform for companies and individuals. It gives a variety of powerful tools to build a various app with any kind of device.

App Cloud

Source: Slideshare

App cloud offers several development tools based on your preferences, that include:

Force.com: This tool is mainly structured for the design, development, and deployment of apps that are cloud-based. It uses Apex programming language where developers can create websites and applications with point and click tools that are easy and intuitive to navigate. Building custom buttons, links, record creation, deletions, and updates are simple in this integrated development platform.

Heroku enterprise: It is specialized in code-based development and deployment. Heroku is helpful when anyone wants to use a variety of development languages like Java, Python, Ruby on Rails, Node and more. By incorporating these languages, the resulting apps can run on practically any device, as well as link up with numerous social media sites and other public platforms.

VisualForce: It’s a component-based user-interface framework that includes an HTML like tag-based markup language and has 100+ components built in, though developers can also create their own.