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Website Development Services

In today’s era, a website is a must for any type or size of organization for if you don’t have a website a large portion of the Audience/buyer will not even consider you as an option when they are looking to buy something or any services. Nowadays everything is based on searching, whatever people want they search it online from a solution to their problems, restaurants nearby and any businesses, etc. Our company provide Best

So, It is necessary to have a good online presence and become available on-demand.

At Scideas, We provide all kinds of web Application & development services such as,

  • Bespoke web application development:

Today It is not sufficient to have a good website only, It must be interactive to users. Unlike a normal website, the bespoke web application has been created keeping in mind the key requirements of the client. For example, A hospital needs to have an online appointment option on their website, and an option to capture the patient/visitor’s details by asking their information, etc. This application is highly secured and unique since it is tailored(custom).

  • E-Commerce website development: 

From the past couple of years, the craze and popularity of online shopping have increased massively. That leads in, even a retailer that have their posh store needs to have showcased their products online so that they can reach to a maximum number of customers. We make rich tailored e-commerce solutions based on your requirement.

  • Website for Corporates:

We provide customized and creative website solutions for small and mid-level businesses across the globe.

  • CMS based website:

Content management system(CMS) based website is mainly needed for those, whose content of the website changes very often. It comes with an admin section by default so that one can change their content whenever they want. We customize CMS based websites as per the client requirements. We use the popular opensource CMS’s, WordPress, and Drupal for development.

  • Website Support & Maintenance services:

We provide support and maintenance for developed websites on a monthly or on an hourly basis.