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ArchToArchitect is a Bespoke web application software developed by our team of experts. It is built using the Laravel Framework along with Bootstrap and PHP-MySql. It provides an excellent social platform for architects all over the world to share their ideas and beliefs about design, their creativity, and Thoughts.

It is a great platform for them to be updated within their community, to share their designs in front of mass audiences and a great way to provide their architectural services online. ArchtoArchitect user base also includes sellers and end-users/customers.


It has five separate user option for architects, customers, job seekers, vendors and service providers. It has several modules for architects. Such as,

Sections like

  • My Space: In this section, the architect can update their personal and professional profile details, add/view projects, components and publish articles.
  • Project: In this section, the architect can view the projects added by them and by the other architect members of Archtoarchitect
  • Interaction: This section involves interaction between architects via groups created by them. Here they can add or invite members to the group, can view members, chat and comment. There is an option to create public as well as a private group.
  • Article: This section includes all the articles published on the Archtoarchitect website.
  • Components: In this section, the architect can share their design components on the ArchtoArchitect platform.
  • Competition: This section list out all the upcoming design competition listed on the website. The architects can also add the competition.
  • Customer Interaction:  This section includes all the interaction happened between the customers and architects plus the information of ongoing projects and completed project details.

Benefits for End-users:

The End users/Clients who want to hire an architect for their work can be able to view and connect with architects once they register themselves into our system. They can be able to post their design requirements to them and can interact on the same via ArchtoArchitect.

Benefits for Vendors:

The Vendors can add their products to ArchtoArchitect and advertise their brand on our platform. The customer and architect will be able to see the products added by vendors and they can choose the product of their choice to be used in their project.