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Salesforce is on-demand CRM (Customer Relationship and management) technology and is most suitable for Large to Mid-Size enterprises. Salesforce offers both SAAS(Software As A Service) and PAAS(Platform As A Service) based platform. As on currently, SAAS features include Service cloud, Sales cloud, Marketing cloud, Pardot, Commerce cloud, CPQ(for quoting or quote generation), IoT cloud, Community cloud and Analytics Cloud. These SAAS tools are very powerful, robust, easy to maintain, cost-effective and having various automation tools.

Scideas Solutions has a team of expert certified Salesforce developers, admins and support teams who are determined to provide comprehensive Salesforce Consulting services as a trusted Salesforce Service Provider.

We provide different salesforce services like,

Scideas Provides Difference salesforce services


If you have just set up your business, our team can help you define your scope, design the solution, build the CRM system, deploy the application, import data, and improve processes to make the system ready to use.

Salesforce Customization
The application of CRM system often changes and grow over time. If you want to adapt Salesforce to your company’s existing processes and workflows or improve the existing one to make them more effective, we will help you customize your need with Salesforce. We can customize and personalize your existing CRM solution according to your business needs. We have expertise in customizing and redesigning CRM applications.

Salesforce Migration
There are lots of risks involved in migrating CRM platforms. But Often migration becomes not only a strategic move but an indispensable requirement. It comes into the picture while setting up a two-way structure between Salesforce and other systems. In the case of data migration, we make sure the integrity of the data is inviolate, implacable and duplicity is eliminated. Our experts ensure the services are quick, reliable and error-free.

Integrating other systems with Salesforce can bring new levels of efficiency to your processes. Our Salesforce integration service won’t just ensure smooth integration of Salesforce into your existing platform, but also ensures that it gets you the desired results in terms of efficiency and productivity.

Maintenance and Support
Salesforce support services are necessary for the organizations that don’t have set up for a full-time admin/support team or they want to engage their internal team with other important tasks. For them, Salesforce support and maintenance services are the cost-effective and an easy way to add expertise and resources to their firm without increasing overall head-count.

We”ll help you implement extra new features on-demand, enhance the productivity of your end users, and improve upon every iteration. With our cost-effective support services, you’ll get consistent support without the cost of in-house full-time employees.