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SugarCRM For Marketing

SugarCRM Marketing Enhance your marketing and sales initiatives. It let you create, execute and track campaigns across multiple channels. Develop compelling email marketing programs and easily capture leads from the website.



  • It provides tremendous help in enhancing your marketing practice. Lets you create, execute and track campaigns across multiple channels and helps in capturing leads from your website.

  • Sugar marketing dashboard shows real-time insights of customer records. like leads, opportunities and accounts and gain the more detailed understanding of customers through reports.

  • With Sugar marketing, it is possible to qualify the leads before passing them off to sales teams. and it will also give you the clear view of what marketing efforts, strategies and activities have caught up their attention. This leads to uncover who is truly ready to be handed off to sales and who requires more nurturing.

  • It Provides proper lead management. Automatically captures leads across multiple channels. quickly identify hottest leads and convert them to opportunities. Measure the effectiveness of a campaign based on the variety of attributes, such as leads created, new opportunities, closed-won deals, win rate etc.