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SuiteCRM – Best Invoice Solutions for Your Business

Almost 88 percent of organizations do not have numerous methods for keeping your invoices.

When you are a Customer Relationship Management Application user, you don’t really have the   options of creating an invoice. And when you do, you have to go on with fixed templates.

SuiteCRM gives its customers the other best advantage along with its vast range of features.

The Invoice Module

If you are good with SuiteCRM, you must know that the system is divided into number of modules for different tasks. Each one these modules can be set up on the home screen as a ‘dashlet’.  Allows you to have many modules in one project that SuiteCRM offers is the ‘Invoice Module’.

What does it do? Exactly what it says. It supposed to help creating an invoice for your business. You can pin to the start screen   and create invoices on the go.

And that is not all. SuiteCRM does not strictly enforcing a fixed template on you, you can draft up an effective invoices as you like. Managing invoices in SuiteCRM becomes much simpler. Things you should know is how to create invoices in SuiteCRM, how to download invoice in SuiteCRM, and how to change invoice numbers in SuiteCRM. Once you learn these basic and important things, you can create and manage invoices easily.

Creating an Invoice

Invoices are billings that sellers create to keep a tab of the deliver your products to the buyer as well as manage your customer queries.  Invoices make sure that the seller is not charging more than he should neither is the buyer underpaying. They are a key component of business.  Customers can simply go through the list and check what the seller is charging them for and how much. This is the best way to create an invoice in SuiteCRM.

  • Open the timesheet of projects you have created in SuiteCRM.
  • Find the ‘Edit’ button.
  • Select ‘Convert to invoice’ option.
  • Click the ‘Edit’ button.
  • Once created, you can add or remove products too.