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SugarCRM Named a Leader in Four Categories in the 2021

  • Best CRM for Midsize and Small Businesses: SugarCRM has deep roots in addressing the unique needs of mid-market companies that often require enterprise-level CRM performance without enterprise budget for advanced features and capabilities. In CRM’s editorial, industry analyst Kate Leggett says SugarCRM “is built on a unified platform that empowers teams big and small to collaborate across the customer life cycle with a full understanding of the journey and the ability to anticipate and fulfill customers’ needs.”
  • Best Enterprise CRM Software and Solution: Sugar Enterprise is perfect for companies that require maximum flexibility, customization, and complete control over the technology stack. And as enterprise data concerns mount, Sugar Enterprise provides on-premise deployment, enabling complete autonomous control. It also offers the flexible customization that enterprises require while being robust enough to support multi-user, multi-location, and multi-system processes. In CRM’s editorial, Marshall Lager, independent CRM industry analyst and consultant, says, “Sugar works well, looks good, is highly customizable, and has a great partner ecosystem.”

  • Best Marketing Automation Software and Solution: Sugar Market is a powerhouse for lead capture, qualification, nurturing, and hand-off to sales. The solution offers inbound and outbound email marketing tools, social media management capabilities, AI-driven predictive analytics, performance tracking, and even Google Ads management tools. The addition of SugarPredict helps to facilitate lead qualification and prioritization through AI-powered predictive lead scoring.
  • Best Sales Force Automation Software and Solution: Sugar Sell is supercharging sales performance at scale with AI-powered capabilities that help take the guesswork out of lead prioritization, Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) alignment, and opportunity-to-close-won scoring. These new AI capabilities powering SugarPredict enable Sugar Sell to analyze historical account, deal, and company data to accurately predict which leads are most likely to become customers. Lead scoring is based on similarity to historical conversions (converted leads or closed-won opportunities), while ICP matching identifies leads that are similar to a company’s past and current customer bases. In addition, CRM’s panel of analyst and consultant experts applaud Sugar Sell for its “no-code approach that allows users to customize layouts, modules, and plug-ins to meet their individual needs.”

“We’re proud to have the SugarCRM platform recognized as industry leading for both large and small organizations by CRM and the distinguished panel of industry analysts and consultants,” says Craig Charlton, Chief Executive Officer, SugarCRM. “We are committed to purpose-driven innovation to help companies reach new levels of predictability and bring productivity and efficiency gains by letting the platform do the work. This is helping sales, marketing, and service leaders to build stronger customer relationships, increase brand loyalty, and grow business bottom line.”