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Understanding Cases within SuiteCRM

Many think that customer relationship management solution is to improve the sales. However, an important aspect is to retain them. Find out how companies like Buffer, Canva and CVS are able to maintain repeat customers. It is a no brainer that efficient customer services (by implementing cases in SuiteCRM ) goes a long way in getting customers to stick around with you. This is one of the most important metric specially if you provide customers with subscription based services.

Having understood why after sales support is so important, let us look at SuiteCRM ensures effective customer service. A SuiteCRM developer can greatly enhance your application using solutions like comprehensive HelpDesk management, in this case article we will only discuss the functionality available in SuiteCRM by default.

Customers may raise their issues and concerns in the form of support tickets for the product or services that they purchased. Managing and assigning such tickets to the respective department and person is a challenging part for any business organization. Let’s deep dive into the article which explains how the tickets/cases are managed in SuiteCRM.

Deep – Top – Cases in SuiteCRM

Cases in SuiteCRM are used to capture the customer’s requests/issues and to maintain the interactions with the customer on the issue. A case can be created, updated, and can be assigned to another teammate to resolve the issue. The case can be closed when it is resolved and proper mail updates can be sent to the assigned person and the customer whenever the status of the case is updated. This ensures that the communication with customers is fast and up to date.

Users can track and update the incoming and outgoing conversations in CRM to maintain what has happened and for future use purposes.

How do cases help in business organization?

Cases play an important role in business which identifies all the possible options to address issues and allows decision-makers to decide which course of action will be best for the resolution.

  • All the customer support interactions can be tracked in one place.
  • It can be integrated with the existing Knowledge base module and help users or the support team to close the tickets more quickly by finding the relevant information.
  • Complex workflow automation helps to escalate the ticket with the right support team.
  • Reports and Dashboards can be built to help users by showing the cases assigned to them based on priority levels and due dates on the home page.