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Commerce Cloud


Digital commerce is growing rapidly and is expanding into numerous channels, devices, industries and markets. However, once we think about e-commerce, we frequently have B2C(Business selling to customers) transactions in mind. Here customers know what they wish to shop on because platforms like Amazon where the buying journey is seamless, easy & convenient. B2B e-commerce, on the opposite hand, involves business-to-business transactions, & must take into amount the interests &… Read More »HOW SALESFORCE HELPFUL IN B2B COMMERCE FOR MANUFACTURER

Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2C and B2B

Retailers are finding it necessary to incorporate multiple channels into their sales and distribution in order to stay competitive. The large number of consumers purchasing products online has grown dramatically in the last 20 years to the point where people are comfortable pulling out their phone in a crowded restaurant and making an impulse purchase based on the recommendations of friends and family. What is Salesforce Commerce Cloud Of all… Read More »Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2C and B2B