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5 Key Reasons Marketing Automation needs SugarCRM

Marketing automation is no longer the monopoly of large enterprises. We now know that as soon as a company starts to generate, nurture and score leads across multiple channels, marketing automation software becomes a necessity. But, is it necessary that a marketing automation succeeds? Unfortunately, not every ‘Automation’ is a success.

One of the major reasons that marketing automation fails is that the marketers fall short of having fertile ground before implementing marketing automation. In particular, it is bound to fail when they don’t have the right lead management tools coming into their funnel.

See what Laurence Leong, the Director at SugarCRM says about integrating Marketing automation with CRM

“For an optimal experience from your customers’ point of view and for optimal efficiency in your own sales, marketing and service teams, an integrated marketing automation and CRM system is the answer”

The general notion is that where the marketing automation focuses on digital marketing to a wide-scale audience, the CRM revolves around client services. SugarCRM is not just any CRM but one which is built for the purpose of creating excellent customer relationships.

One cannot begin to imagine the benefits if a company’s employees are equipped with both marketing automation and SugarCRM. This approach can take the customer interaction to new heights since now the Sales staff is armed with the right tools and the familiar with the whole context of marketing campaigns.

Chris Wong, the Vice President at IBM explains this:

“IBM is not only a partner but also a user of Sugar.  Sugar is an extremely impressive product. I deployed and managed the marketing automation system within IBM. [In IBM’s deployment], we have an opportunity to think about how we can use marketing automation systems in IBM together with this very powerful CRM capability that SugarCRM has.”

In the due course, we have outlined the most important reasons for which your marketing automation should be integrated with SugarCRM to make it the best Marketing CRM.

1. The Ability of sales reps to comprehend the marketing context

Your salespeople can have a holistic view of what the company is aiming at. They get a clear view of the marketing campaigns and mold their Sales tactics accordingly. They also know which channels have been more successful with most leads and act accordingly.  They are now more prepared than before and more efficient having in-depth clarity. Furthermore, they can now easily tell which marketing tool is proving to be most effective on a particular prospect.

2. Salespeople provide best insights for marketing campaigns

Your sales representatives are the face of your company. The majority of client interactions start with a live interaction with your sales rep. This allows them to fully comprehend the client’s viewpoints, needs and expectations. Unfortunately, most of the time, this priceless information goes to waste. These insights must become a part of your marketing campaigns. With integrated marketing automation solutions and SugarCRM, this is effortless.

3. Clients get optimized customer experience from all points of contact

One of the most priceless benefits from this integration results for the prospective client or existing customers. They now receive an improved CRM customer experience from your company whether they receive a market driven interaction or a sales driven one. They get the same message whether they I interact on digital platforms or directly with the sales team.

4. Extract the most from previous marketing programs

Your company’s marketing department carries out extensive research, planning and development for a particular marketing program. And once it is over, all the data is usually sent to the dustbin of your company’s history. With this automation, the company’s salespeople can reuse different programs and assets (including small tools like email templates). They can also use SugarCRM to bring prospect into an existing marketing automation program.

5. Data synchronization

With data synchronization, the two systems can share and make use of the data for improved marketing and sales alignment. For example, the inputs from the leads/contacts should be synchronized with information from the marketing department. With SugarCRM this integration is seamless.