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Real Estate CRM Automation Software

Most Trusted CRM Automation Software Implement CRM to Increase Employee Productivity, Grow Sales Deals, Automate Operations. Communication, Automation, Drip Campaigns, Tracking, Project management, Sales CRM. Tailor-made for real estate needs In the modern real estate world, everyone wants to accelerate sales and improve lead conversion. ITAAKASH  Strategic ERP has launched a brand new CRM software – ‘Real Estate CRM V 21.2’ for Real Estate SME’s to do exactly that. This is a… Read More »Real Estate CRM Automation Software

Why is low-code becoming so popular when compared to traditional software development?

New approaches to development are gaining in popularity recent days because while pressure on IT to deliver value to the business has never been higher, the success of developers is increasingly stymied by the productivity limitations of traditional development. Only a small, elite group of tech companies are finding success with traditional development approaches and project management, and for everyone else it just isn’t fast enough, efficient enough or flexible… Read More »Why is low-code becoming so popular when compared to traditional software development?

OutSystems partner program

“Industry specific software allows you to benefit from many other businesses, built by partners are available in the new OutSystems solution catalog and in the Forge, a repository of reusable apps, widgets, themes, templates, and connectors. Partners can demonstrate their deep industry expertise by bringing multiple solutions to market. OutSystems platform, unique licensing and pricing terms, and supporting services to rapidly build differentiated products and bring unique services to market.… Read More »OutSystems partner program