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Salesforce Launches Sales Cloud Unlimited to Productivity with AI and Automation

The world is in a state of uncertainty with talent shortages and economic turmoil, and companies need to find a way to drive efficiencies across every facet of their business. Against this backdrop, sales organizations are leaning more on technologies like AI and CRM to help boost their productivity. In fact, new research shows 90% of sales teams agree that having intelligent insights cuts closing times significantly. Salesforce today introduced Sales Cloud… Read More »Salesforce Launches Sales Cloud Unlimited to Productivity with AI and Automation

SugarCRM Launches SugarPredict

AI can solve a great number of sales and current global marketing issues that we face in the current day. SugarCRM knows this, and that is precisely why last month they launched Sugar Predict, an engine powered by AI. Sugar Predict will be part of the Sugar Sell license and can take the guesswork out of what selling entails. This new tool will continuously analyze your data for performance and use that for insight generation… Read More »SugarCRM Launches SugarPredict

CRM Contextual Data Matters

The promise of a complete customer view of a customer will help you deliver better customer experiences (i.e. 360-degree view) sounds attractive with improved understanding, higher quality engagement, and increased sales. But is the reality liv威而鋼 ing up to the promise, and is your CRM actually costing your business revenue? We would like to show you how to get an accurate customer picture and access the data you need, at… Read More »CRM Contextual Data Matters