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SugarCRM Launches SugarPredict

AI can solve a great number of sales and current global marketing issues that we face in the current day. SugarCRM knows this, and that is precisely why last month they launched Sugar Predict, an engine powered by AI. Sugar Predict will be part of the Sugar Sell license and can take the guesswork out of what selling entails.

This new tool will continuously analyze your data for performance and use that for insight generation on how to proceed. The insights will help your sales, marketing, and even customer service teams with decision making.

Even if your own CRM data is incomplete, Predict can still make accurate predictions using your data and a combination of other external sources. Through these predictions, businesses can then focus on high priority activities instead of constantly guessing what might happen next. Deep learning combined with data from both internal and external sources gives this tool a competitive advantage over others.

Sugar Predict Features

Find Hidden Opportunities

Information in your SugarCRM, as well as all of the other tools you have integrated, are analyzed by Sugar Predict. By doing so it can generate trends and patterns that you or your teams may not have noticed before. This extends to the usage of other SugarCRM products and tools, Predict is able to formulate trends out of all. It also becomes part of all those SugarCRM tools, displaying insights in them for you to use.

Increase Sales Numbers

With efficient lead prioritization, know exactly which leads are hot and which are not worth the effort. Approaching the hottest leads first will lead to sales being more productive and will give you an advantage over the competition.

Every member of the sales team will now have contextual information and insights for pipeline analysis and forecasting. This makes it easier to reel in those future opportunities that may arise from time to time.

Get the Right Deals

Based on the type of customer profile you wish to target, you can score better opportunities. Always get the right type of success rate, get larger deal sizes, and increase retention rates. With Sugar Predict you will be focusing on what matters most to your business.

The Benefits of Sugar Predict

Find save time

The goal of forecasting is not to predict the future but to tell you what you need,  your teams, and even your customers save time. This extends to making better business decisions, risk management, and identification and response to opportunities and threats. Having predictions means that you can prepare for situations and not have to spend time pondering when the moment comes.

Quick Implementation

With a Sugar Sell license acquisition, you can instantly gain access to the features of Sugar Predict. That means that from the first day you can start feeding the AI with data and start making accurate predictions. Having it from the start makes sure that no opportunities are missed out on and your ROI is maximized.

Key Takeaway

With the implementation of Sugar Predict in your SugarCRM, you can take advantage of your data plus much more. Save strenuous effort over formulating business strategies, Predict does a lot of the heavy lifting in this case for you.

Incorporating AI technology into your business is the way of the future, and there is no better way to start than with Sugar Predict

A SugarCRM Certified Team like us knows the importance of this. You can use it to manage your business risk and select the appropriate opportunities from the discoveries it makes.

So get Sugar Predict now and take your business to the next level.

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