September 19, 2020


Serve uses SugarCRM’s unique time-aware customer experience platform, allowing you to access the most relevant customer information and deeper insights to drive more informed decisions and faster resolution times.

Sugar Serve comes with extensive features for complete customer service and sales solutions, delivered on Sugar Cloud. It includes service

What is General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?
The General Data Protection Regulation is applicable directly altogether EU member states. it demands businesses to guard the non-public information and privacy of EU nationals. GDPR additionally controls the transfer of non-public information outside the EU.

This means corporations need to develop new

When it comes to customer relationships,  the first thing that comes to mind is CRM software. Here, we will discuss CRM applications solely tailored for small businesses and startups. If you're an entrepreneur then you should definitely read this article.

Fast-growing small businesses and startups need to allot their

Most Trusted CRM Automation Software
Implement CRM to Increase Employee Productivity, Grow Sales Deals, Automate Operations. Communication, Automation, Drip Campaigns, Tracking, Project management, Sales CRM.

Tailor-made for real estate needs
In the modern real estate world, everyone wants to accelerate sales and improve lead conversion. ITAAKASH  Strategic ERP has launched a brand new

Salesforce gave Sales Cloud users an early preview of CRM features planned for release throughout 2022, including new details on Slack integrations, revenue intelligence subscription management and sales enablement.

Many sales teams still work remotely; prior to the pandemic, sales was typically a team sport played in close office quarters.


Sometimes you just need want to know which software you applied in your industry? Confusion? Yes, confusion can be created because there were humongous software that shows outstanding functions which you can’t ignore.
How can CRM help you in your business activities?

CRM is considered to be the first priority of every

Data can be useful for any business, there is certainly no doubt about that. But things can go sideways quickly if this same data becomes uncontrolled and takes the shape of irrelevant yet ever - growing abundance of information. Understand this issue with an example, suppose you have

What can you automate in Salesforce?
large companies are still more prevalent, large businesses typically have many tasks that can be automated. Although these tasks may be small, they can, when combined, add up to many hours of labor.

The number of Salesforce processes that can be automated are virtually

Leads - Customer Relationship Management

scideas solutionsCRM system is designed to help you generate and manage new potential business leads. The purpose of lead capture forms is to collect consumer data which you can use to your advantage. scideas solutions CRM enables you to manage as many Leads as

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