September 19, 2020


Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a much raved-about automation platform and decidedly, the most feature-rich product in its category. It offers incredible insights into customer journeys and helps businesses deliver connected, personalized, and 1:1 customer experiences. As such, it is a must-have tool for marketers who want to achieve bigger ROIs

Many think that customer relationship management solution is to improve the sales. However, an important aspect is to retain them. Find out how companies like Buffer, Canva and CVS are able to maintain repeat customers. It is a no brainer that efficient customer services (by implementing cases in SuiteCRM

Best CRM for Midsize and Small Businesses: SugarCRM has deep roots in addressing the unique needs of mid-market companies that often require enterprise-level CRM performance without enterprise budget for advanced features and capabilities. In CRM’s editorial, industry analyst Kate Leggett says SugarCRM “is built on a unified platform that empowers

Some system maintenance tasks will cause Sugar to rebuild files, forcing active users to get logged out and lose their work. CRM is a business-critical application and Upsert Lockout protects your users by ensuring stable performance throughout the workday.

Upsert Lockout enables you to selectively regulate administrators' access to Sugar's admin functions

AI can solve a great number of sales and current global marketing issues that we face in the current day. SugarCRM knows this, and that is precisely why last month they launched Sugar Predict, an engine powered by AI. Sugar Predict will be part of the Sugar Sell license and can take the

SugarCRM has boosted the artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities of its SugarPredict engine for marketing and sales intelligence, adding a sentiment analysis tool that determines prospects’ “emotional state and intent.”

SugarPredict is available on the Cupertino, California-based company’s Sugar Sell and Sugar Market platforms for automating and assisting with sales and

“The effects of COVID-19 will linger throughout 2021, as businesses will look to lay a foundation for increased agility,” said Dustin Milberg, field chief technology officer for cloud services at InterVision, a Santa Clara, Calif.-based IT service provider and AWS Premier Consulting Partner. “Cloud will take a key focus