September 19, 2020


Customization with artificial intelligence: Marketing Cloud allows the combination of data with the Einstein tool, so interactions can be organized with the help of AI. Therefore, the platform enables a customized communication with customers, based on their relationship with the company.

Create interest across the journey:  this Salesforce marketing platform

Salesforce – a popular IT platform that has become synonymous with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. According to a study by International Data Corporation (IDC), nearly 19.5% of the world’s businesses use the robust suite of software applications.
This widely used IT system comes with a plethora of

SugarCRM has boosted the artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities of its SugarPredict engine for marketing and sales intelligence, adding a sentiment analysis tool that determines prospects’ “emotional state and intent.”

SugarPredict is available on the Cupertino, California-based company’s Sugar Sell and Sugar Market platforms for automating and assisting with sales and

SugarCRM software enables an organization to manage the complete customer lifecycle and capture, integrate and analyze data across all customer touchpoints. By doing so, you can increase customer loyalty, improve marketing effectiveness and sales productivity.

A successful CRM strategy starts with well-defined business objectives. It also includes detailed functionality

Marketing automation is no longer the monopoly of large enterprises. We now know that as soon as a company starts to generate, nurture and score leads across multiple channels, marketing automation software becomes a necessity. But, is it necessary that a marketing automation succeeds? Unfortunately, not every ‘Automation’ is a

AI Models Power the Platform That Does The Work For Marketing, Sales, and Service Teams
Today SugarCRM Inc. is bringing SugarPredict to marketing automation to facilitate rapid and reliable marketing lead qualification and prioritization through AI-powered predictive lead scoring. SugarPredict is a powerful AI engine that breaks down sales

Our Lightning Experience to Salesforce Classic comparison proves that the new Salesforce UI, despite its minor limitations, has a wider and more convenient feature set. In this article we, as a Salesforce support service provider, outline how these features help Salesforce users drive business.

Increased productivity for sales teams

Lightning UI allows each

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a much raved-about automation platform and decidedly, the most feature-rich product in its category. It offers incredible insights into customer journeys and helps businesses deliver connected, personalized, and 1:1 customer experiences. As such, it is a must-have tool for marketers who want to achieve bigger ROIs