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Complete Picture of Your Customer Data, SugarCRM Study Shows


Where do you turn when your CRM fails to provide the full-picture data you need?

Our team’s roots are deeply embedded in CRM platforms. After spending over 15 years developing leading software integrations for popular CRMs, we noticed a common pain point with our clients: they wanted to easily access a single, more complete view of their customer data. That’s when we went to work creating our no-code integration platform called Glances, our solution to that shared (and frustrating) problem.

Glances securely connects all of your apps and provides a simplified view of the data you need right when you need it, in real time. Whether you rely on SugarCRM, Salesforce, Zoho, Pipedrive, HubSpot, Close, or another leading CRM, having to manage that platform plus a variety of other apps to get your job done is unfortunately not going to cha犀利士
nge, but using Glances can make this once painful experience more fluid and efficient. There are also other awesome benefits like the ability to share your glances with teammates, and save time and money for your company.

Glances works where you prefer to work

One of the most functional features of Glances is, it works via browser, desktop app,, or integrated directly with your favorite standalone messaging apps, like Slack or Microsoft Teams (coming soon). With Glances as part of your daily workflow, it becomes second nature to search by name or email address wherever you are working to find information across all of your apps in one holistic view. See how it works below.

More key takeaways from the CRM and Sales Impact Report:

1. 50% of companies surveyed said they cannot access customer data across marketing, sales and service systems50% of all professionals 2.surveyed reported that they cannot access the same view of customer data across marketing, sales, and service48% agreed that their CRM 3.platform is unfit to provide the critical details needed to attain quota
4.53% of respondents report that the administrative burdens of their CRM causes friction for their sales team
5.The average sales rep spends only 54% of his or her time actually selling
6.52% of sales leaders reporting that their CRM platform is costing potential revenue opportunities