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cloud trends to look for in 2022

While Gartner foresees that the public cloud services in India will grow to a market size of $7.3 billion in 2022, an increase of 29.6% from 2021. Based on the ground reality working with over 300+ customer through their Cloud journey, we couldn’t agree more. Our internal forecast for Cloud growth for FY 22 is set to 50%, that will make our contribution equal to 1% of India’s forecast.

The trend that we have noted is that there is a rapid growing need for SaaS platforms and SaaS will contribute the maximum growth of Cloud in 2022. This will propel the growth of SMBs & Startups with good SaaS products.

Any Cloud transformation involve 3 key strategic considerations – 1) What will I retire? 2) What will be moved to Cloud? 3) What will be replaced? The 3rd area will see a phenomenal growth given the challenges of finding right set of talent & the complexity in re-development, maintenance and support application.

The outdated, expensive services will be replaced by easy to consume SaaS products allowing great opportunity of growth for Startups & SMBs. The key area that SaaS providers must focus on is to build highly scalable/available, compliant and automated deployment to maximize profits. App & Database modernization, Security and Business Continuity services will be the Services that will see a lot of demand in 2022 as a ripple effect.

We list down 5 biggest cloud trends to look for in 2022:

Investment in Security will continue to grow with a shift in thinking to automate most of the security operations from Orchestration, Automation and Response. Cloud offers security tools and systems making it affordable and easy to use for business of any size. “50% of core Enterprise security actions will be executed on major public cloud platforms by 2022 – IDC future scope prediction”. The key driver for this is the Cloud providers investment in security and ride on economics of scale. From continues assessment to SEIM systems implementation and using logic apps to automate your response are the hot seller for most effective SoC allowing Security specialist to focus on threat hunting rather than mitigation.

Over all Cloud service opportunities will be on the rise in 2022 and we look forward to support through the journey with our distinctive offering.